The Mystery Method – The Science of Seduction

There are many self-professed pick-up artists in the world today. There are many seduction manuals on the book shelves. There are many more web sites filled with promises of dating success with only the most beautiful, talented and alluring women. However, most, if not all, of the information offered via these outlets are useless and actually harmful to your dating life!

So is there a seduction manual that can really show an average guy how to get a supermodel?

To answer that question let’s take a look at a guy who started out his career as a stage magician and entertainer. His name is Erik von Markovik although he is now better known as ‘Mystery’. Mystery admits that from an early age he was fascinated with social interactions and the dynamics of male to female attraction. He therefore devoted a huge part of his life to learning what made men and women attracted to each other.

After many years of research and refining the methods he created to take advantage of his new found knowledge von Markovik created ‘The Mystery Method’ – also subtitled ‘How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed’!

Although there are many psychological systems available today that promise to teach men how to interact better with women only The Mystery Method gives a full explanation of the evolutionary reasons for men being attracted to women who they find physically attractive.

Likewise Mystery explains what makes a woman attracted to a man and the surprising thing is that women are attracted to men for very different reasons than you may think. By identifying that only 20% of a woman’s attraction for a man is based on his physical appearance Mystery was able to delve deeper into the female psyche top find out what really attracts women to men.

Once he had identified the key things that trigger attraction in women he was able to create techniques to deliberately trigger that attraction. He then found that he could seduce just about any woman he wanted to and went on to date some extremely beautiful women (which he still does to this day) including supermodels.

After refining The Mystery Method he began to teach it to ordinary men who were soon replicating his success. You see it is all about evolution. Men have evolved to find women attractive because of their physical appearance due to their reproductive. This is unconsciously connected with how they look.

A woman on the other hand has evolved to be attracted to an alpha male who has high survival value. This is reflected in how a man interacts with a woman and is not based on his physical appearance at all! Once you know how to project high value to a woman you will immediately trigger her natural and unconscious attraction switches. Then with some clever techniques you can get her to start chasing after you!

Without doubt Mystery is the world’s best pick up artist and once you become more familiar with his teachings you will know why; he can turn you into a babe magnet!

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