Does the Mystery Method Work With Asian Girls?

This article is about the Mystery Method and how it relates to picking up Asian girls. If you’re reading this article, I am going to assume you are familiar with the Pick Up Artist community, so I won’t be spending time on going into detail with the Mystery Method. If you don’t know who Mystery is or what his method is about, you can read on anyway and see if you can use this article anyway in picking up Asian girls.

So, does the Mystery Method work on Asian girls? There’s probably a reason why you are asking this question and that is that you have met or is interesting in dating Asian women, but have found that what you’ve learned in the Mystery Method and other PUA methods, doesn’t cross over directly to picking up Asian women.

The thing is, the PUA community and the Mystery Method is aimed at picking up women in the US or Western countries. A lot of what the PUA community teaches is of course true for all women, but it’s still culturally sensitive and a lot of it is simply not effective in an Asian culture. When I say Asian, I mean traditionally Asian like in Asian women in the US who are not Americanized or Asian women in Asia.

There’s some major differences in dating culture between Western and Asian culture. For example, touching each other (kino) is generally frowned upon in Asian culture. A couple may not even hold hands in public, much less kiss in a club. So, that’s something that needs to be calibrated. You may think that an Asian woman is being stand offish because she removes your hand or doesn’t want you to touch her, but in reality she could be ready to jump your bones, she just doesn’t want anyone to see you and her touching.

Another difference is the way Asians meet each other. Asians are group oriented in general and almost always go out in groups which can seem very close nit and unapproachable. In reality, these groups are often made up of friends and people who just tag along. But you can’t just roll up and fire of any opener. Most likely if you approach one of the girls while she’s in the group, she will be really embarrassed and afraid to seem easy or selfish to the rest of the group. So you need a different approach.

Then there’s the difference in how Asian women feel about sex and relationships. With a Western woman, if you get her in bed without having enough comfort, she is likely to get buyer remorse and not want to meet you again. With an Asian woman, if you sleep with her, she’ll go to great lengths to make you her boyfriend, so she won’t lose face in her group for being ‘easy’.

Buy her a drink? Mystery Method and PUA methods generally advice against spending dough to impress women, yet in Asian culture money matters. It’s very common for Asian guys to splash out in company with women they want to impress and it’s kind of expected. That doesn’t mean you have to spend like a sucker, but you don’t want to be seen as stingy either.

This all makes it different to pick up Asian women.

The best PUA stuff I have found on picking up Asian women is the Asian Dating Method by Johnny Wolf (who is Asian). It’s a video set, that explains everything you need to know to pick up Asian women and only costs $47. Check it out!

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